sushi 9 “If you don’t play you have already lost.”

What may be fitting slogan for the lottery is for creative minds a downright universal mantra. Only those who keep alive the joy of playing, of trying out new things, of experimenting and finding new combinations are able to create something really special. Each year, the Art Directors Club awards the most creative students, degree students, and young professionals. sushi 9 is proud to present a compilation of the best examples of breaking the rules from 2006. The 288-page issue features the winners from the fields of advertising, photography, film and new media, and took a peek at the cards of the international players. Contents: interviews with Jim Avignon, Nova Huta, hi-res, and the Rempen & Troxler families. Taking a roundtrip through the Southern American illustrating scene. Plus premiering some outstanding card players and puppeteers.   


Team: Katja Baumann, Susanne Grote & Sven Gabriel 

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz ISBN 978-3-87439-727-8