sushi 10 “Go your own way or you will vanish.”

“You must not stray from the right path.” This is what we learned as children. However, only those whose path we had no intention of following anyway were in fact able to tell us what it was supposed to be. And let’s be honest here: Life only ever became really exciting when we got to break our own trails – whether through brambles, at university or on the job. Which is what all those portrayed in the 10th edition of “sushi” have also done – without fail. “sushi 10” accompanied young and established designers, photographers and other creative minds for a bit along their very personal way, showing that these do not always keep to a straight line but are all the more varied and interesting for it. Therefore this issue again appeals to all readers to follow their own inner compass and not let formalities do the navigating. The Atak illustration class, supervised by Prof. Georg Barber/Atak participated in the 10th issue. Contributing authors: Barbara Bierach, Ivica Maksimovic, April Greiman, Ruedi Baur, Andreas Uebele, Stefan Nowak, Harmen Liemburg, Dasa Szekely, Jochen Rädeker, among others.  


Team: Silke Daub, Marco Gabriel & Arndt Poser  

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz ISBN 978-3-87439-751-3