sushi 11 klasse hesse

sushi 11 “Nobody reads it – anyway”

“Good writing skills can be learned, but only by writing” is what Swiss marketing specialist and essayist once said. For Dr. Stephan Vogel “writing script will only be a temporary phenomenon in the cultural history of man”. Hans-Peter Albrecht has an answer to the question as to why it still makes sense “to learn how to write if people no longer read”. – “I was young and needed the money,” top-selling author Jan Weiler counters. While Ralf Zilligen remembers Heinrich Böll: “Thinking people are not the most obedient, those who write are even worse”. In “sushi 11”, for the first time, only text has a say.  



Team: Susanne Beck & Anne Julia Nowitzki  

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz ISBN 978-3-87439-772-8